50 Incidents of Undiscovered Treasure


11. A jar of cinnamon peaches intended for Ayn Rand is still behind the counter at Streugmann’s.

12. A kilo of bottled French wines intended for David Bowie’s 50th birthday bash are still stuck at a post office in Fes.

13. A knot of wood in the likeness of Jarred Harris is still in the Greeley’s back yard.

14. A length of twine intended for Serge’s “rocket experiment” is still under the bed in his childhood room.

15. A legacy of grandma’s recipes are stuck together under a leaked jar of motor oil in the garage.

16. A muster of handmade toy soldiers are still “reserved” in Mr. Tanaka’s abandoned shop in Matsue.

17. A maturation of king orchids that Desta planted when she was 9 is still growing untended in the jungle.

18. A nanogram of Rush Limbaugh’s spittle is still in orbit around Saturn.

19. A node of the Skyhook’s most integral security bundle was blessed with a Hail Mary by Rafael “Bananas” Inez when he first hooked it up in 2022.

20. An ossuary of Robin Trichin’s dead parakeets is buried under the rose bush.

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