Welcome to the end of x9dread. I’m glad you could make it. Though this wordpress is no longer updating, I am in the process of transmogrifying many of its elements and characters into a novel. Maybe someday it’ll get published and you’ll find it in a bookstore. Wouldn’t that be delightful and unexpected?

If you have found your way here because of the zine I authored (Three Types of Tension) then I recommend reading on. I think you may like some of these posts. The written work here is strange, somewhat funny and, at times, bilious.


Thank you for being someone who reads.

Books in a Landfill

GAVIN, ND — This Thursday morning at 4:28 AM books from the Kraft-Loveworks megadump were agitated into a landslide that overtook the small town of Gavin. The books are in a far state of decay and have deposited a layer of rotting material over the entire neighborhood.

The megadump was formed by libraries in 11 districts in North Dakota and neighboring Montana. The books were transported to this landfill from 2021 to 2034 when the practice was finally outlawed by a federal statute.


“Mergoons! Dead ahead!”

The ship’s lookout said

All hands brought the ship to a stop

They exchanged topside crops

For good seaweed mops

And soft blankets made of sea bed

But one goonsailor bleated

“I feel I’ve been cheated!”

“These blankets are covered in slime!”

His mates said, “Don’t whine”

Be more careful next time!”

The transaction’s already completed!”