Lemon Curd

Welcome welcome come inside. Are you wet? It’s been raining for hours. Let me know if you would like some tea. If you’re nibbling this early, I believe there’s still some lemon curd and raspberry jam and cookies sticking around somewhere. Oh yes the architecture is exquisite, isn’t it? Just flown in last Thursday. Distorted Columnular. It’s the new Bolivian. Mosaics? Yes, of course. You can set your umbrella over there among the sampled marble. Mind the cats. They’re ornery today due to the rain.

Come inside. Over here. No no not through there. They’re still tidying up after last night’s feasting. It would be disagreeable to see. Monstrously ravishing. We had a good time. Do you prefer beets broiled or braised? Nevermind. It’s all pre-arranged by the chef so no use trying to order something specific. Did you bring your passport? Good. And the password? Excellent. What about Mimi’s recipe for gravy? No no the chef won’t be needing it. I just wanted to ensure we had it for the album. The capsule’s going into the wall next week. My goodness, how they’ve been drilling! Zzzzzz! Zzzzzzzz! All day and all night. It’s giving me neck cramps. Remind me to send Percy out again for ginger balm. The things we do for science.

Speaking of, how is your diagnosis keeping these days? Clearing up or getting worse? Oh dear. That’s sad to hear. Well, we’ll see if there’s something in the cellar we could rub right into it. Botanicals. See if something takes. If not, they’ll be half a dozen doctors coming for this evening’s affair. You could get a score of second opinions. Maybe even thirds and fourths if it’s the right kind of party. The wine cellar’s open, yes so there should be a real fairy tale glow over this evening’s proceedings. A rush of pharmaceutical ingenuity. Not to mention a little debauchery. There should always been a little ugliness to trim all the beautiful parts, keep them all in line, you know? Otherwise it’s all liable to dissipate like an awakening dream or a huge, feathery cotton candy sunken in a bronze fountain. True art. I promise. You just wait and see, my boy.