Bulletin Board Open Again

Dear Residents,

I’m happy to announce that the bulletin board is now open again. It was temporarily off limits because we were doing maintenance to the board as we have done every 2 years for the past three decades. I was very impressed to see just how much the bulletin board is honored and loved in our community. So, as I have said, the bulletin board is open again. You don’t have to post your items on this piece of cardboard anymore.

Thank you for your patience and also thanks to everyone who participated in the spirited demonstrations outside our office.

Rosie Greenbaum
Comptroller General
Municipal Accountability Office

Bulletin Board Petition

please sign this petition if you want the bulletin board BACK! We only need 50 signatures!

1. Jeremy Feinstein
2. Mary Quick
3. Elizabeth Mogcheese
4. Frankdale Rosenhunch
5. Libby Marvelslide
6. Boom Biddy Boom
7. Heather Meeks (hey guys, take this seriously!)
8. Roy Feathers
9. Sarah Jixoun
10. Hector Morales
11. Booger T. Washington
12. Gladys Whales

205. Chesty Chesterson
206. Call Katrina for a good time xxx-544-8322
207. blank on purpose III
208. boners
209. Fister McButthole
210. your mom
211. fffffffffffaaartssss