Bulletin Board Petition

please sign this petition if you want the bulletin board BACK! We only need 50 signatures!

1. Jeremy Feinstein
2. Mary Quick
3. Elizabeth Mogcheese
4. Frankdale Rosenhunch
5. Libby Marvelslide
6. Boom Biddy Boom
7. Heather Meeks (hey guys, take this seriously!)
8. Roy Feathers
9. Sarah Jixoun
10. Hector Morales
11. Booger T. Washington
12. Gladys Whales

205. Chesty Chesterson
206. Call Katrina for a good time xxx-544-8322
207. blank on purpose III
208. boners
209. Fister McButthole
210. your mom
211. fffffffffffaaartssss

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