Vivian Believes

@ Grape Juice,

OH MY GOD THAT’S SO GROSS. You think someone is PEEING on the pinnies in the east gym???! I never have gym in there anymore since I’m an upperclassman now but if you say it’s true then I BELIEVE YOU. That sounds like exactly  like the kind of mystery we need to solve!!

That gym is only used by sophomores and freshman so I think we can start there looking for suspects (no offense). Do you think it’s happening during school or after school? After school seems more likely. We should also try and figure out where they store the pinnies after you guys throw them all back in that mesh bag. It’s gotta be in one of the gym teacher’s offices. I have Mr. Hylek for study hall so I’ll pretend I need them for the volleyball team or something and ask him.

I guess you can call me Viv.

– Vivian

P.S. Sorry again that it took me so long to respond. I just have like 20 hours of homework a WEEK it feels like.

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