50 Incidents of Undiscovered Treasure


25. A pocketful of dried leaves is still in Allison’s yellow parka.

26. A quilt of matted fur is still is Ceasar’s dog bed in the garage.

27. A quart of homemade blueberry jam is frozen within a snowbank in Kajaani, Finland.

28. A roll of film depicting Loretta’s 9th birthday party remains undeveloped in the camera.

29. A stockpile of short grain rice is bending the floorboards in the attic of Army Pantry Supply for Sinuiju, North Korea.

30. A selection of heirloom pumpkin seeds is still in the secret velvet pocket of Anna’s jewelry box.

31. A sucher of gold and aquamarine thread holds together the two pages of Devraj and Madhu’s wedding invitation.

32. A tray of pickled eel is at the back of the freezer in Milosz’s cafe.

33. A trifle of Abuela’s handmade chili powder is at the very bottom of the tin.

34. A tincture of Henrietta’s blood is still buried at her mother’s graveside.

35. A unit of peanut butter is slowly spreading on the underside of a chair inside the International Space Station.

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