^anti freak^

everyone thinks the end of the world is coming. it’s true that something terrible is coming. but the worst part about the end of the world is that you’ll probably, most-likely, survive it.

an apocalypse is a congratulatory event. if you exist at the end of the world then we’ve really got to hand it to you. The brave. The doomed. The sanctified. You were the epitome of human accomplishment. At the brink you can look back and understand where the trajectory was headed after all. People who believe in and prepare for EndTimes of any religion are complete egomaniacs. They cannot tolerate how small and unimportant they are. How insignificant their children are. How insignificant their accomplishments are. News flash: you’re a speck on a dollop of lava circling the cosmos noiselessly for no reason whatsoever.

But if it makes you feel better, believe The End is coming. It’s a nice day dream. But when the Thing comes (and believe me, it is coming) I imagine you’re going to have a hard time adjusting to the new status quo since you’re going to be hanging on for dear life, you miserable, puny coward.

^anti freak^

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