Etta Whare: Gourmet Party Snacks

Etta Whare is delighted to announce that we are introducing a line of party snacks perfect for all your occasions be they celebratory or just a little get together. Lobster + Olive Crisps made with the finest quality seminole wheat and Sir Richard spotted calico olives from Etta’s olive orchard in northern Italy. So crunchy and savory, you won’t stop at just one. Try slathering a few in our new line of Deviled Egg Spreads. These come in a variety of flavors including Cayenne, Spinach and Extra Paprika. We’re also excited for you to try our (New Recipe!) Sardine Sticks, No-Stick Flavored Oils, and frozen pizzas with an array of delicious and exotic toppings.

Available at your local super market!

As always, Etta Whare wants to share with you! Visit to find more recipes, tips, and showstream. Don’t forget to visit the store to see exclusive products from Etta’s exclusive brand Etta Smart Whare (c), kitchen craftsmanship for the modern home. 

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