Hector (Code Name: Grape Juice)

Hey Vivian,

Hopefully you will get this note and it won’t get grabbed up by someone in between. I just wanted to say thanks for turning over the detective logs to the principal. You were right. That was the right thing to do. I was really freaked out about it because I thought Billy would know it was me and come after me. You know he used to carry a switch blade around, right?

Now that he’s gone and he doesn’t know it was us I feel way better.  Like a million times better. Like I can’t even pay attention in math class better.

It was really fun being a detective with you but I know you’re going away to college soon. Where did you get in? You don’t have to tell me if that’s weird or something. Anyway, thanks for being cool about all of this and me getting peed on and everything hahaha.

Seeeeeee you around,

– Hector (aka GRAPE JUICE!!!)

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