50 Incidents of Undiscovered Treasure


1. An armada of model wooden ships is still locked up in the lower left hand cabinet of uncle András’s work desk.

2. A braid of Sammy Mayes’s hair is still tucked away in the yellow album.

3. A clump of pink gak is still submerged at the bottom of the duck pond just behind the library.

4. A cluster of rubies lies in wait inside of Tom Waits’s skull.

5. A dram of whiskey infused with Tara’s green glitter is still under the Carlson’s porch.

6. An effigy of congressman Carlo Guzman is still graffitied under a bridge in his hometown.

7. A full set of  Queen Elizabeth’s summer playing cards is still in the secret pocket under the blue divan.

8. A granule of radioactive uranium is lodged inside Roman Putin’s front-most sinus.

9. A heap of Sonic Youth t-shirts once belonging to Crowned Princess Masako of Japan is still in the closet of her parents’ house.

10. An insulting inscription from Winston Churchill to his schoolmate Finch is still carved into a beech tree on the grounds of Stoke Brunswick School in Hove.

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