Etta Whare Shares: Vloat Goat Roast + Repast

A traditional vloat goat roast is prepared with the creature’s concomitant fresh spring grasses or honeyed flowers. These floral delights cut the sharp grainy taste of this nutritiously lean meat.

Instructions: Lay a layer of tinfoil down in a stone or ceramic roasting dish, combine all of the ingredients, adding a dash or pepper or lemon as desired. Put in an oven preheated to 390 degrees and do not disturb for 6 hours. The beautiful aromas will give your home such a lovely atmosphere for your holiday meal. Pairs well with a dry champagne.

As always, Etta Whare wants to share with you! Visit to find more recipes, tips, and showstream. Don’t forget to visit the store to see exclusive products from Etta’s exclusive brand Smart Whare (c), kitchen craftsmanship for the modern home. 

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