L.M., LLC’s Product Feed Digest

 Laney Moon LLC has the newest and most exciting products for today’s busy, sophisticated woman. This holiday season, we have a special curated list of our favorite seasonal products, put together with some pep for fun reading by Rebekkeh Jones of Poems on the Go! (and AOL-Disney syndicated publication)

New! from Magic Fantastic
Introducing our elastic, plastic
Long lasting chapstick.

Keep you ELECTRIC!
Try their new
Anti-septic peptic chewables
You’ll look majestic
No more hectic

Make your friends green
With your clean sheen routine
Nivea Queen made with
aqua marine, saline and all natural
l’huile de sardine
Faces should see and be seen

You don’t need permission
To see through your vision
Call Kitchen Mission
We love your decisions

Dream Dreamer Dreamland
Who has time to read?
Dreamland Designs
Buy today. Buy tomorrow.
Buy your Dreamland

Laney Moon, LLC, a proud Murdock Corp. affiliate.

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