High Fidelity Castro: Dim Son

Word bombs to the hip hoppers! Have you guys heard this crazy shit about Dim Son?

Hip hop artist Dim Son  has had his face permanently blurred  and voice distorted through surgery. He says it’s to get “the ultimate usage out of his beatboxing” and to further his reputation for being “one hardcore mother fucker.”  — Scuzz Feed

Can you believe this! I expect a bunch of K-Rappers will follow this in typical poser style. I cannot WAIT to hear his new album with this new crazy voice. Though you gotta wonder if his supermodel girlfriend is going to be pissed that he blurred out his face? And we all thought Lady Gaga’s evil-eye in her palm was wack!

Dim Son Bio (in case you’re just tuning in!): Originally from Ganzhou in the Jiangxi Province, Dim Son is probably the tightest XipXopper and Showa’ Chang (slang for Shuochang) scene. Dim Son has been charting ever since the release of his debut album Home Away from Home in 2018. Since then he’s released, an album every year: Chinatown World (2019), Communisn’t (2020), Autumn Leaflets (2021), and his two singles and Manufaxxored and Bamboo Shoots Bamboo Shots each went Gold-Platinum. He even started a new label called The Lab’s Rats that styles itself as even more hardcore, underground version of The Lab label, which currently dominates the alternative scene in China.


Don’t forget to tune into Luscious 102.4 FM Thursdays @ 4pm for more music and Yours Truly, High Fidelity Castro.

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