inspired by moving day (originally posted 7/2013)

A little thing I wrote in 2013 that seems very of The Now

All hail great nation of Cardboardistan whose number 1 export is the fabulous cardboard from their ancestral cardboard tree forests. Some of the people in this wonderful nation, known for its lustrous vistas, beautiful women, and rich culture also to farm cork for their shoes.

But let us not forget the plight of neighboring country, Kitchensinkistan with its many problems. This once mighty people is beset by so many problems that you cannot even count them all on your ten fingers. You must borrow a neighbor’s fingers to count more of the problems but even then you will fail to name all of them. Nation of Kitchensinkistan is appealing for aid to its Model United Nations in order to resolve at least a small fraction of the problems. Not proper United Nations because first task set to the many brave students of Kitchensinkistan is to determine what the name of the number should be called that describe how many problems exist in the country.

But surely no country suffers more than the regrettable nation of Insertnamehere-istan who is experiencing great national emergency when red tape factory exploded. Our hearts go out to brothers and sisters of Insertnamehere-istan who are struggling even to buy a newspaper to read and understand what has happened to them.

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