so what are they for?

“Now these aren’t exactly for eating,” Lorelei, his apron covered in sluice, brought a silver tray to the table. It had several warbling masses arranged just so.

“So what are they for?” Marrionetta reached for a tidbit. Lorelei smacked her hand away. He was a bad man, she knew. A Visigoth. She had palled around with several Visigoths in her time. She knew you could never trust them, even though they always had the best of everything. Afterall, there was a reason they had those things and other people didn’t. She decided she wouldn’t have dinner with with the doctor anymore. Maybe she’d have Ungulen evict him while Drutherstone was away and she could re-install herself in The Emerald House permanently. She’d have to grow some kind of thorn garden to keep everyone out.

Lorelei took a gelatinous bulb off his tray and put it into his mouth. He made several sucking sounds, gulped heavily, and then spat the bulb onto the floor. His face took on a sinister glee. He stomped a foot and grinned from ear to ear. He offered her the tray, pointing to a blob that consisted of a thick wedge of pink flesh and vascular freckling. She followed his lead.

The taste was horrifying. She spat most of it back up without swallowing which prompted Lorelei to laugh. He watched her very closely, as if he were her mirror.

From the residue in her mouth though, she could feel a warm glow begin to emanate. The room went taut. The air picked up. Her marvelous dress felt like a silken ocean.

“What was that?” she asked.

“Joy,” he said.

Joy she thought. She let the wild feeling enfold her. She started giggling and couldn’t stop. How stupid. Giggling? Since when? She felt the presurgent instinct to act violently. She’d grab this interloping Visigoth by his shoulders and toss him down the hill. But the rage did not mount. Instead, the idea only made her laugh afresh. It was all just roses and raspberries.

“I want more,” she squeaked, tears leaking from her eyes. Her previous judgements melted away like fat in the pan.

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