Pinnies: Solved

Dear Vivian,

i spent a long time looking at this page before i wrote this.

I solved our mystery but I’m


Okay Vivian I have to write this in here because I thought about telling you in person but I don’t want to do that either. I found out who is peeing on the pinnies. It’s Billy Braddish. Maybe you know him. He’s a senior. I know him. He scares me. One time he cut some kid’s hair off and he steals people’s lunch money like every day. Well anyway he’s the one peeing on the pinnies and I know it for a fact because I saw him do it and then he peed on me too. me and two other kids who were hanging around afterschool.

well anyway, I solved the mystery so you can go be in the yearbook now or whatever.

– grape whatever

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