Vivian was suuuuper busy with volley ball

Dear Grape Juice,

OMG I’m SOOOOO sorry I haven’t been writing in the detective log. I SWEAR I’ve been checking it like every other day or so but I didn’t know what to write! I thought the trail had gone cold, you know? Plus I was suuuuuper busy with volley ball practice and then I got sick and them my mom was being a huge bitch ANNOYING PERSON about where I have to apply to college. Omg, Grape Juice, just WAIT until you’re a senior. It’s AWFUL.

WOW I’m really impressed that you solved the mystery! That was pretty fun though, wasn’t it? I think we make a pretty good detective force.  It’s like, I’m the captain and you’re like the plain-clothes-cop. You know?

I’ve been thinking. Maybe we should keep this detective log around just in case there is another mystery at school. I know almost EVERYONE in my year and few people in the junior class too. I even know some sophomores (besides you) so I’m sure we can find other people who need detective work done.

What do you think?

p.s. You’re in marching band? Do you know Robby Safir? Or Josh Burke?

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