G: Case closed


You will not believe this. I SOLVED OUR MYSTERY.

So I was stranded after school 2 days ago because I was at a marching band meeting because we’re all going to DC in the spring. But then my mom forgot to pick me up afterward so I was stranded.  Anyway, I started wandering around the halls because I was bored and didn’t know what else to do until it occurred to me to visit our desk and see if “G” was there.

G was totally there! Her name is Gina! There’s like a Russian language class that gets taught in our room every day after school and SHE SITS AT OUR DESK. She’s leaving to go to like Siberia or whatever next month to teach kids about America or something. She’s like in her 20s!! She was pretty cool.

So it turns out that all of those notes were translations she had to do for her homework and she left them in the desk by accident until she started getting notes from you so then she started leaving them on purpose!! Isn’t that NUTS???

Anyway, I just thought I’d let you know. I hope you still read this detective log.

Anyway, whatever,
Grape Juice

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