Fat Tabby Down for Maintenance

BOSTON MA – On Thursday evening around 5 p.m. the Fat Tabby Bar & Grill went down for approximately 31 minutes in the middle of their happy hour trivia night.

Monica Drescher was one of the forty or so disgruntled guests who were milling around on the sidewalk in front of the establishment just minutes after the service lapse. “I was in there about 6 minutes ago but now it’s down. What is it with the bars in this part of town? It’s like every other place on this block either goes down for some kind of bullshit maintenance or I get a session time out before my full hour is actually up. Plus my coat is still in there! I hate it when you get booted off without your fucking stuff. I just can’t understand why my friends always want to drink in this neighborhood!”

Arlo Jackson, another ousted guest, was a bit more upset. “My boyfriend and I were in second place for trivia! If this places refreshes without our score intact I swear to god I’m going to flip a bitch. Plus I got the Mediterranean salad here so now they have all my credit card information. If I get identify theft because of a mediocre salad that doesn’t even come with hummus I am going to sue someone.”

Waitress Misty Nelson could only explain that the Fat Tabby was experiencing a run time error but would be back up shortly.

The only person who seemed to have any confidence in the situation was Bonnie Gillbrea, a self-described regular. “I used to work here and I go here like every day for lunch. This happens all the time. People say they’re getting hacked but it’s actually just a bandwidth problem. This neighborhood has changed a lot int he past 5 years and Fat Tabby hasn’t been able to cope with the traffic. The owner Danny is planning on doing a total refurbish in the spring. Oh well, I’m still just too broke to drink anywhere else.”

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