Vivian and Grape Juice team up

Dear G & Grape Juice,

@ Grape Juice. Who says I’m uptight? I’m not uptight! Sorry I called you Grape Juice if you didn’t want to be called Grape Juice but you should keep in mind that teasing other people will often get you stuck with a nickname you don’t like.

Anyway, I would love some help trying to figure out who this “G” character is. I was something of a super sleuth last summer at our villa in Portugal. There was a mysterious dog who kept bringing us other people’s toys. Anyway, it’s a long story but I figured it all out.

Good observation about when this person is leaving the notes! You know, I have an extra moleskin notebook in my backpack that I carry around for no reason. Maybe we could turn that into out detective journal? I don’t want to leave it in the desk, though. Other people might steal it because it’s a moleskin and they are very desirable. What period do you have gym or lunch? I could find you then, maybe?

@ G. Come on! Give us a hint! Also, you never answered my question why you were leaving those weird notes. Who were they for? Why haven’t you written any in a while. Is that a clue?

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