Book Signing this Wednesday at Mimi’s Bookstore

This Wednesday at 5:30 Bruce Millard will be reading selections from his newest book Google Plus and the Chamber of Secrets: A Closer Look at Generation Y.  The Nyew Kirk Times heralds Chamber as “a definitive portrait of that person in the mirror…a must read for all members of genY.” Millard has been called “one of the foremost sociological researchers of our time” by the Huerpbourg Commission for Behavioral Science. His last book, Nuclear Fall Out: Family Planning in a Post 9/11 World was on the AOL-Disney’s Best Seller Feed for 17 consecutive weeks in spring of 2028. Millard is a graduate of Tulane University and has a Masters in Education from U.C. Berkeley.

There will be light refreshments and autographed copies available for purchase.

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