The mans in leather hat has me securely by the balls.

You want I should make more off effert not to eat alll of the cheezits in my pockets but I tell you with full force that this is not of my decision. I am made to eat of the cheezits because a sinister man with leather hat tald me that if he ever findss another cheezits in my jacket pocket he will turn my eyes, blame my head and feed me to his bitchy dog. She is a poodle and I hate this poodle. She is such an asshole if I ever see this poodle without the owner, I will kick her in a place that I hopes to be her uterus. I am going to wikipedia the location of poodle uteruses just so I am preparred.

So thank you for caring so much for my health and sappurting me with my struggle with the cheezits but I have to eat all of the ones in my pocket to avoid destruction. This is not my choise. It is my berden.

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