Punk-ska 1991-2000’s Top 5

Quick side note: I have finally set a Google alert so that the next time Boban Markovic is trending on Twitter, I will be ready.  No more of this coattails bullshit.

Okay so, starting at the bottom, top five most influential punk-ska albums from 1991-2000.

No. 5) Macia Marcia Marcia’s self-titled debut album released February ’96 by SkaFreak. In the end, these guys did not deliver on their second album but they were definitely the first on the punk-ska scene to introduce tinny&squeak tonalities for trumpet duos. Major points for innovation. Also, an awesome drum line.

No. 4) Bennington Beach Holiday Inn is still, as far as I know, the only punk-ska band to have members from four countries. Dennis Hilks from London, Monique Viscont of southern France and Murrian Dortch from Frankfurt Germany (though, technically he is Scottish). The only American in the band is Bernice Rasher. They all live together at B. Rasher’s house somewhere in upstate New York. Anyway, the band is mentionable for having palpably strong jazz influences, French lyrics, and some of the most fashion-forward album covers imaginable. They broke up in 2002 but released all of their recording sessions from 1992-95 on a single download album called Mister Meister which is no longer available. Check mix CD bargain bins for this gem.

No. 3) Christian Nutrition and the Edible Loaves had released two really solid albums before the release of their triptych single Mary’s Got Long Nails in 2000 under the aegis of legendary label ZiProkMarketplace. It featured a complete overhaul of their instrumentation from gold standard punk-ska to the inventiveness of gospel punk logging.

No. 2)  Viven los Bincos!  dominates the niche genre with outstanding bass riffs, an unbeatable lyricist in Kenny Lagorring. Without a doubt, Jeremy Hills is the best trombonist to come out of the 90s ska scene. On the track Trombotini his shredding is unreal.

No. 1) BoosterMeat kills it at number one. Bo Hendrix. Need I say more?

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