Yes and What If

The year is 2063. A Somali high school student, Beydaan Ibrahim, has won an international student’s award for her recent invention of “programmable popcorn.” Ibrahim, a high school senior in Mogadishu Somalia, has already been accepted at a decorated science and engineering program in Germany and has garnered 1st place in the international science contest, earning her a cash prize of $10,000 for her exciting contribution to food science. In a recent interview, Ibrahim said she was going to use the $10,000 towards tutoring lessons in German language so she doesn’t fall behind in class.

Using digestible keratin-based microchips, Ibrahim found a way for keratin-base structures to morph and simulate other basic molecular structures that read as taste: salt, fat, and a sugar-like molecule she’s calling Beycrose (pending patent). Users can use a nifty, 1-button remote control to toggle the microchips into different molecular arrangements (labeled Salted, Buttered, and Carmel) which then change the flavor of the popcorn once registered by a human tongue. The keratin chips come in a small bag and can be sprinkled onto popcorn or any other dish of a user’s choice.

Several Los Angeles health groups are heralding Ibrahim’s invention as a boon to weight loss, spiritualism, and clean living life style products. One such establishment, a franchise chain called Concave, a combination hot yoga and smoothie bar boasts having put in the first million dollar order of Beycrose (patent pending) and pledges to only serve “100% Clean Sugar” by their next fiscal quarter. Concave could not be reached for comment on this statement which seemed spurious since Beycrose (patent pending) is not presently being manufactured by any major outlets nor by Ibrahim herself who, as mentioned earlier, is an incoming freshman in college.

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