Yes and What If

The year is 2025. Virgo Solutions, a technology solutions company known for its head scratching introductions to the market, has designed a new media title for VR platforms simply called Yes. It is unclear if the title is intended as a game, training module, or is one of Virgo Solution’s infamous self-punishment devices. The game consists of a blank but open world environment consisting of a white void with menus upon menus of customizable content (think apple orchards, bicycles your avatar can ride around, or cheeky knock offs of familiar fast casual restaurants). However, the main thrust of the game appears to be an application where users can input personal data about their acquaintances, friends and family to create simulacra characters and engage in truly impressive unpredictive AI dialogue strings. However, the purpose of these conversational interactions appears to be that inevitable conclusion that these characters will make devastating and insulting observations about the user’s personal character, lifestyle choices, and overall validity as a human being. Based on personal testing by this reviewer and others, it is assumed that the content for these cutting and frighteningly accurate remarks is dawn from Solutions’s expansive database on its users. It is also speculated that Solutions may be using Yes as a means to develop an algorithm and attendant collection worm that seeks to map and refine our society’s moving understanding of what constitutes true emotional injury to another person. However, many owners, testers and prospective buyers of Yes have expressed excitement and relief for a product that finally tells them what they have believed all their lives to be true but no one has said to their faces.

As usual with products from this particular company, it is vague what purpose this product directly serves. However, Virgo Solutions has remained solvent for over a decade and has expanded many of its already-existing products so the market has spoken.

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