Look out it’s poetry

oiled bikini reflections

outright. no bullshit

with The Pixies murmuring somewhere faraway

good afternoon, Los Angeles

how are you; how was the drive; would you like a mini bottled water?

just take it, come on

it’s for you; plus we don’t even really recycle

i mean we do but not really

on this sunshine glorious day

in the autumn afternoon

that’s freezing cold everywhere else but isn’t here because

it’s full of sound and vertical lines and vectors

and a recipe for vegetarian sushi leftovers

from that place down the street

you’re invited by the way, forever

in glistening, reverberating ripples

on the pooling, liquid surface of Stanley Kubrick’s first idea

that is still echoing in the fibres of myriad clawed tentacles

it’s our patented Idea Machine

plastic pink and full of forgiven tears

it’s not recyclable

sorry but it comes that way

not unlike that bottled, bottled water we handed you

not unlike this editing platform we have

free of charge

that is so


annoying to use

that we predict you will upgrade

to the bikini edition

for that pink sereness and time by the pool

like Jim Jarmusch’s saturated black and white

that is still somehow pink , due to the content


you have Content that we want

that’s pink and black and white all over

that’s alright with you, right?


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